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SMU infinity



infinityPV ApS offers an all-in-one solution for testing small laboratory solar cells under illumination. It is a solar simulator that has powerful light source with a combination of UV and white light LEDs allowing illumination over an area of 16 x 16 mm2 which is typical for research laboratory substrates of 25 x 25 or 25 x 50 mm. Illumination is from below and contacting is achieved from the top using spring loaded gold contacts and we include custom sample holder for up to four junctions. The geometry is fixed by the sample holder making the unit very reproducible when comparing samples. The system also packs an SMU allowing you to measure IV-curves through the 1-to-5 multiplexer of an external sample (i.e. a sample under an external light source such as the sun or you own light source) or of one of four junctions in the sample holder illuminated by the UV-vis LED. The external channel is connected through banana plugs for versatility. The high available power from the LEDs allows you to synthesize your own spectrum by balancing the UV and white light components and carry out concentration experiments whereby you find saturation and current limitations. Finally, it can detect shunts and burn them, and the unit also has a switcher where you can control the dose when switching/shunt-burning/de-doping. It can be operated from the touch display or from a PC using the software which also offers extra features such as preprogrammed experiments using different light intensities or lifetime experiments.


Common to all the products in the infinityPV Academic Research Line is that they have a small foot-print and present an open platform that is easily adaptable to all the great experiments that have not been carried out yet. You can fit them almost everywhere in the lab, in the fume cupboard, on the bench and in the glovebox.



Key highlights

The UV-LED ISOSun SMU is unique on several fronts:

  • Easy and safe operation
  • Custom sample holder to fit your exact sample
  • Has it all: light source, SMU, multiplexer, concentrator, spectral synthesis, sample holder, switcher/shun-burner
  • Working area 16 x 16 mm2
  • Custom sample holder
  • Manual touch screen operation and free software for PC control
  • Low laboratory footprint that easily fits in a glovebox. The side operation makes glovebox operation very easy
  • Operates from a single phase 110-240VAC 50/60Hz power supply
  • Fully CE-approved and compliant
  • Turn-key system



Source/Sink measure unit (SMU)

infinityPV ApS offers a versatile range of source measure units (SMUs) enabling testing of many solar cells in the same setup (from 1 to 40 channels) using a unique series multiplexers (MUXs) that cover from low voltage to high voltage 1kV or above. It is all controlled by powerful software enabling determination of power conversion efficiency and the following of performance over time when solar cells are subjected to different test conditions. This could for instance be following the ISOS testing protocols in connection with our ISOSun series of solar simulators. Our multiplexed units enable access to the device under test at all times (except when periodically tested by the SMU). This allows the user to control the electrical conditions of the devices under test at all times. This could be electrical stress through forward or reverse bias, a short circuit, open circuit, or a load. It is also possible to add maximum power point tracking units (MPPTUs) to each channel such that the device on that channel is subject to maximum power point tracking. When combined with our ISOSun, ISOS-L-3 chamber, weather station and software a complete turnkey system is at hand.

Selection Guide

There are 2 overall SMU options: Low Power SMUs and High Power SMUs, each option with a high degree of customization.
The Low Power SMUs are designed for laboratory PV devices and small modules with a voltage of up to 4 V and a current of up to 40 mA. The High Power SMUs can be applied for both small laboratory PV devices and large PV modules with high power output and a voltage of more than 1kV. See tables below for more detailed information

- Low Power SMUs:

- High Power SMUs:

Key highlights:

  • Available in many sizes to meet specific needs
  • From volts to kilovolts and from µAmperes to Amperes
  • From a single channel to 40 channel multiplexing
  • Active loads with maximum power point tracking
  • Designed for continuous operation for many years
  • Fully CE-approved and compliant
  • Rugged aluminium cabinets that are easily mechanically fixed to other components
  • Standalone touchscreen control and PC interface on all models
  • Equipment that does not interfere with adjacent equipment or experiments
  • Additional 8-channel weather input platform comprising wind speed, wind direction, 2 x humidity, 2 x temperature, AM15.D and AM1.5G (sensors not included)
  • Weather input is easily software configured to accepts a large range of weather probes
  • Fast industry 4.0 ready test software packages and interfacing to robotics
  • Free software available online with the most recent additions