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폴리셔(Polisher : 시편연마기) Polishing machin

grinding / polishing machines / Polisher: 폴리셔

manufactures and distributes all types grinding / polishing machines from 3" to 15" platen??for research laboratories in martial engineering,semiconductor failure analysis,
precision optics and lapidary hobbyists.? If you have any need for polishing machine, please call our expert at 02-868-0661 to find a cost-effective solution.
We always keep standard grinding / polishing machines and related accessories in stock for immediate delivery,
please choose and order them from below:
e-mail: pcb21@korea.com 

제조원: BUEHLER, STRUERS, LECO & Many Others

Unipo820 Heavy Duty ( 8") Dual Platens Grinder/ Polisher with Magnetic Plates & Complete Accessories

Unipo800 Economic Grinding / Polishing Machine with Complete Diamond Lapping Accessories

Unipo801 Multi Purpose Precision Polishing Machine with York Support & Complete Accessories

Unipo802 (8" ) Precision Auto Lapping and Polishing Machine with two work stations

Unipo830 Heavy Duty Belt driven 8" Grinder / Polisher with Magnetic Plates & Complete Accessories

Unipo1000 (10" ) Precision Auto Polishing Machine with 6" Power Head

2" Polishing Fixture for Precision / Automatic Thinning and Polishing

Unipo1210 Heavy Duty ( 12") Precision Grinding / Polishing Machine with Magnetic Plate & Complete Accessoies


Unipo1202 (12" ) Precision Auto Lapping and Polishing Machine with Two 4" Work Stations, EQ-Unipo1202

UNIPO1502 (15") Precision Automatic Lapping / Polsihing Machine with Three 4" Work Stations


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Diamond Cutting blades
3", 4", 5" 6" 8" 10" 14"

Diamond Lapping Plates 320 - 2000 mesh 8"- 12" lapping plate

Diamond Cutting Wires
Dia 0.2 -0.3 mm wire: straight and loop? 

Diamond Mrico-Drills

Accessories for Cutting Saws Vise, spacer, pumps

Abrasive Sand Paper Discs

Cutting Blades / Wire

Diamond Lapping Discs

Diamond Polishing Past

Polishing Pads / Cloths

Polishing Slurry & Lubricate

Wax / Glue

Sampel Mounting Accessories 

Coolant / Slurry Pump

Accessories relatd cutting & Polishing Machines

3" - 6" Polishing machines

8" -10" Polishing machines  

Consumables for grinding/polishing

Accessoires related to polishing